Dancing Cats and Dogs – great kids gift! Kids at heart included!


How did I end up on this video clip I will never know!
But I was smitten with cuteness of this gadget intended obviously for children but also for children at heart.
These toys are actually plush animals that dance, wiggle and sway to the beat of the music when attached to device: iPod/iPad/iPhone, Smartphone with MP3 Player, MP3/MP4 Player, Portable CD player, Computer/Laptop.
Each speaker comes equipped with an audio input cable, but they’re battery powered so they require own 3-AA batteries. Battery life will depend on how long you allow your animal to dance. The Party Animal can dance for up to 1 hour uninterrupted. At the hour mark it will go into battery saving mode and turn off the dancing but continue to broadcast your music until you turn it off. You can stop the dancing at any time by pressing its left paw.
The speaker is made of soft and cuddly synthetic material which can be wiped clean. There are currently 4 animal speakers to choose from – two cats and two dogs (Cleo, Sandy, Spike and Tom).


The quality is not top end but they’re fine for children. The animals start and stop with the music, but they don’t have a lot of dance moves. That said, they’re very entertaining and if they encourage your child to get up and dance with them then they’re worth their price tag which starts at $22 – you can find HERE where to buy.

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