Best selling iPhone 5 wallet cases. Great as a gift idea to fashionable ladies

Wallet cases – protect iPhone, make a great gift

Expanding iPhone cases into wallets saves a lot of space, plus reduces amount of stuff you have to carry in your bag. Inside you can stash ID cards, credit cards, few bills, notes and some small change. They are easy to find in your bag, and feel very comfortable in your hand.
Some of them can even store a small mirror so you can always check if you have something on your teeth and if everything is in it’s place.

There are many designs out there but I have invested some time to research which one are most liked by stylish girls and not vastly expensive but still good quality and with great reviews.

So those of you who don’t care about being stylish stop reading this post and go do your own research.
But those of you who do care and would like to get one for your self or as a gift to stylish woman – continue!
This model is one of the top sellers and the price has been reduced to $15.90 (price is correct at the time of writing).

>>> HERE >>> for more details on this model.
Some prices start as little as $2.50
like this white iPhone case >> see here >>
See also other great models:

Premium Multi-Function
iPhone 5 wallet leather case
Credit Card Holder
Phone Stand and Lanyard

PRICE: $3.51
>> Find it here >>


CaseCrown Wallet
in Pink
(available in more colors)
for iPhone 5/5s
PRICE: $15.21 >> Find it here >>>

Studded Rock
Chic Purse
(available also in white)
for iPhone 5
PRICE: $13.95
>> Find it here >>

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