Good quality iPhone 4 &4s Wallet Leather Case for Men and Women

Protects your iPhone and holds your credit cards


If you already invested money to buy an iPhone you should also think of getting a good quality protection and here is a really good one!

This wallet case reviewed in this post has been crafted specifically for the iPhone 4 and 4S and the chances are you have probably seen it already on other people iPhone’s.
Because it’s made of first grade leather and brings a slim phone – wallet combo.The interior is made from a flexible faux leather for maximum durability.
You have easy access to all the ports, volume controls and headset -no need to remove the iPhone from the case. You can even charge your iPhone 4 or take pictures or video with the case on!
There is space for at two credit cards, a pocket for season tickets, business cards or notes though you might experience a bit of tightness when used in first few days but that will loosen up!
Magnetic strap offers neat securing and keeps the phone safe and useful as everyday wallet.

Available in Black, Ivory White, Red, Black and Tan and Hot Green.
PRICE: $29.95, you can BUY it HERE>>

Keep in mind that this case makes a perfect gift for friends or family.
PLUS: Packed in a smart gift box as standard.

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