Glassastic Gift for Women – Super Useful

Super smart birthday gift for women, girls. Glasstic glass water bottle

There are so many cliches when buying a gift for women! Jewellery, underwear, make up, clothes, box of chocolates, flowers… Yes we have all been through this over and over.
But the truth is a simple smart gift can do wonders!

And here is one great idea if you are looking for a healthy, practical as well stylish gift:

Double Walled Shatterproof Glass Water Bottle! ($19.99) FIND IT HERE >>

Don’t be – this is a great product for anyone who is taking care of themselves and drinking recommended daily dose of water – now stored in healthy non toxic container.

It is really practical as it stores water inside a glass bottle while the outside plastic protects inside so it won’t break and stylishly designed as it comes in several colours, has super smart closing so it doesn’t drip – and of course – women love it for all the reasons!

Go ahead and make that smart move and get Glasstic Double Walled Shatterproof Glass Water Bottle as a gift to girls and women around you!
Mother’s Day gift? Go ahead and get flowers as well!

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